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Varsity Cheerleading

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Cheerleaders are role models.  The Daleville High School Cheerleaders set high standards for their school and to set a good example for their fellow students. Cheerleading is an honor and a responsibility. Cheerleaders work together to control the crowd and spirit of our school, on and off the field/court. 

Our Varsity Cheerleaders are excited to pump up the crowd every Friday night during football season.  They also love entertaining fans during basketball season.  You'll often find them handing out free footballs and shirts at games and doing cheers with kids in the stands.  Many of our cheerleaders were "little hawks" and couldn't wait to be varsity cheerleaders when they were old enough.  

This year we are looking forward to continuing to strengthen old traditions and build new ones.  We look forward to an exciting year!  





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